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Miss Montana's Teen 2023

Ramey Coon

Julia Kunau

About the Competition

The Miss Montana's Teen competition began in June 2005 as Montana's Outstanding Teen, the first Outstanding Teen program in the nation. The name was changed to Miss America's Teen in 2023. Through participation in our program, contestants have opportunities to develop their own initiatives that positively impact society, showcase their talent, and earn scholarships. Miss Montana's Teen contestants are very well prepared to enter the Miss Montana Competition when they are 18 years old. (Three Miss Montana's Teen titleholders went on to become Miss Montana!) Are you about growth in leadership skills, talent, communication skills and educational scholarships? Join us! To become a Miss <Montana’s Teen contestant you may enter as an At-Large contestant and are awarded a local tile with crown and sash. All of the information you need to get started is right here.

Apply Today

Why participate? Do it for the…

  • Applause!  Receive recognition for your efforts and your community

  • Personal Development – Gain valuable experience and develop life skills

  • Crown & Awards! Winners receive scholarships toward tuition for college/grad school & a crown!

  • Glamour – Red carpet moments await.

  • Adventure…..Explore new interests, discover new opportunities

  • Sisterhood! Make lifelong friends with other like-minded motivated women

  • Growth….Foster a positive, self-motivated mindset to achieve your goals


To become a participant for the next Competition Cycle
(starting May 2023) you must meet all criteria as shown below:

  • For Miss America  – birth years 1996 – 2006

  • For Miss America’s Teen –  birth years 2010 – 2006

  • Be a United States citizen

  • Be a female

  • Meet residency requirements for competing in your city or state


To learn more, contact your State Program BELOW or Become A Member today!

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