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Become a Scholarship Donor

 The Miss Montana Scholarship Foundation is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization established to support the Miss Montana Scholarship Organization.  A state preliminary to the Miss America Organization, the Miss Montana Scholarship Organization was founded in 1940 to provide scholarship and leadership development opportunities to young women across Montana.
The Scholarship Foundation partners alongside individuals, businesses, universities and community organizations to support the higher education aspirations of titleholders as they serve their communities, and then as candidates as they compete for the state competition each year.  ALL scholarships earned are sent directly to the college/university of their choice as an educational (tuition) award.

TRIBUTE (Memorial)
Tribute scholarships are also honorarium and memorial scholarships in honor of someone.  

Impact scholarships recognize excellence, or the impact made, with a particular category.  These may include community service, civic engagement, arts development and more.

Recognition scholarships are given and named in honor of someone who made an impact in a certain field, service, or action.  

Field of Study scholarships are given by individuals, community leaders, business owners and corporations.  These are offered to candidates to promote a field of study or award candidates with career aspirations in that arena.

Competition scholarships are also awarded to candidates based on candidate performance at the annual Miss Montana competition.

  • It’s personal – You can personalize and designate your own scholarship. Rather than giving to a general fund where your monies are distributed among several scholarships or given specifically for one candidate who won a specific competition area, you can personalize your donation in honor of someone, designate a specific interest, field of study, or have the freedom to come up with your own category.  Multiple candidates can apply for your specific scholarship, so it is personal to them. Whether it is named after you, your company, or in honor of someone else, you choose the specifics.

  • It’s directed – 100% goes to the scholarship.  0% is used for expenses, salaries, overhead, etc.  Every dollar you give will go to your scholarship.

  • It’s designated - Your donation goes for continuing education, rather than for a car, apartment, crown, etc.

  • It’s specific – It is based on what candidates are doing now, what they want to do in the future, or who they are as a person.  It is not based on their performance at the competition, which often just goes to the “best” in a certain category.  Note: we do offer competition-based scholarship awards if you are interested in that as well.

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